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Enterprise WiFi Solutions

WiFi to meet your every need

In an age when everything can be potentially connected to the internet, you need to ensure your wireless network is able to meet your day to day requirements.

A wireless network that hasn't been configured correctly, or isn't able to keep in line with your growing network load, can seriously damage your business and potentially cause downtime costing you money.

We have chosen to resell the Ubiquiti product brand as their products have proven themselves time and time again.

An added benefit of the Ubiquiti software is it's unique cloud management platform. The cloud management platform enables network administrators to manage all of the access points, Ubiquiti USG devices, & Switches, giving you full control over your entire network.

Realtime Network Monitoring & Management

Full control and network statistics when you need it most

The UniFi controller software provides network administrators with a variety of powerful tools and applications. Control your entire network from a single point and ensure that your network performs at it's best by customising every access point.

The realtime network monitoring functions can enable network administrators to easilly trace and block offending devices which may be taking advantage of network resources. Get realtime information about where the physical position of a device is and what data the device is traversing through the network.

With the UniFi controller software running on the network, the controller is constantly checking to make sure that all of your network devices are running at peak performance and an alert can be provided to network administrators to indicate a network fault so issues can be resolved before they develop into something serious.

  • UniFi USG Router Management
  • UniFi Switch Management
  • UniFi AP Management
  • Bandwidth and Throughput Monitoring
  • Hotspot Management
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • AP Position Optimisation using Google Maps
  • VLAN Management
  • VoIP Optimisation
  • Realtime Device Health Monitoring

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